Music: Jyri Kuokka
Lyrics: Joonas Turner / Jyri Kuokka


From the mountains they came
Through the dragon's breath
Through the ashes
Through the embers of hate
Through the echoes of the end

From the ashes they rose
Eyes set - flame for the land

We gathered we set them on fire x4
(Raze their idols
Wipe their seed off this earth
Drag their leaders through the streets
Leave behind nothing)

(It was) written by the wise it was carved on stone
(It was) set up like a charm to peel away the petty bone
Spirit we believe so let us see the (holy) light
Here raise our hands and cut away our pretty souls

We have called forth the storm

I raise the waves
I ride the thunder
I shatter the earth
I breathe the tempest




all rights reserved


The Fathomless Deep Finland

As soil and sound,
Breath and water;
The final void:

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